Forget What The World Says: How The Word Of God Defines A Great Woman


What does it look like to be a woman? To be the best woman you can be?

I have noticed that we too often look to the media or popular figures to tell us what being a woman, an empowered, strong, beautiful woman, looks like. There are so many messages being thrown at us and I think we get a little lost in it all.

And along the way society has started to twist what a truly thriving woman looks like.

We are told that it is our hard work and dedication that makes us great women. Our accomplishments and success define our greatness. We are told to be loud, make our needs known, make our success known, make a name for ourselves, and follow whatever path we want to follow – that’s how we become great women.

But the problem I have with all of this talk is that it puts all of the focus, all of the pressure, all of the glory, and all of the fame on the woman when it really belongs to God.

So as we celebrate International Women’s Day, I decided to turn to the Word of the One who created us, to see what this whole woman thing is really about.

Here’s what I found:

Women were made to be servants – No, not in the demeaning or “lesser than” sense that we usually think of servants. But in a humble sense. In a human sense. We were made to be servants because we follow after our Father who has the ultimate servant’s heart.

And this servant-purposed life is one full of humility, love, generosity, grace and goodness. It is one that puts others above ourselves in all situations. Yes, all situations.

In a world that tells us to dictate from our throne and be selfish to protect ourselves from negativity and hurt, I think it’s time we stepped off of that throne and placed Jesus back on it where He belongs.

We never belonged on a throne. The world put us there, not God.

We were made to be servants, helping at all costs and loving when it hurts. Because whatever we do for the least of these, we do to Jesus himself. May those things only be rooted in love and kindness.

Women were made to be givers of wisdom – We have stories and voices so powerful that they can shake nations and rattle hearts. But not because of our hard work or relentless efforts, which the world makes our lives all about.

Our wisdom comes from the life we were given by the One who calls us to success and prosperity and joy. And the wisdom we get to share with the world through our success stories is not about boasting or showing off how amazing we are because we are women, but about how amazing we are because we are children of God.

And really it’s not even about how amazing we are, but how amazing He is.

God created us to tell our stories and use our voices to bring humanity closer to Him. God wants us to embrace our empowerment and enable each other’s voices, but only if it is for the betterment of those around us. And only if it is praising God in the end. All other empowerment is in vain. All other words are just noise. Let’s bring wisdom into this world instead of empty talk.

Women are broken, but we’ve got some really great redemption stories -We were born broken into a broken world, but by His grace we have the power to change the narrative into one of power, peace and redemption through the cross. Ultimately, our lives are meant to be laid down. Our pride, success, joy, gifts, talents, money and wisdom are all His.

He is the author of our stories, not us. Let’s start telling our stories through the lens of the One who wrote them. And let’s start giving Him the credit instead of ourselves.

We women can change the world and those around us for the ultimate good of humanity, but only by laying down our humanity to the One who saved us.

So today I rejoice as a woman of God because He calls me beautiful, loved, strong, redeemed, wise, and gifted. Whatever else the world says about me or for me is irrelevant.

Why do you rejoice in being a woman?

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