When Writing Reaches Upward

What is writing if it serves no purpose? What good is a blog that neither shifts minds nor molds hearts nor encourages bodies? What is the point of a platform if it creates no lasting effect on its audience? And why spend your life writing things that only enter the reader’s brain for a second before being washed out by the next thing on their exhaustive to-do-list?

I don’t want to write like that. I don’t want to write for my pride. I don’t want to write for the money. I don’t want to write for a sense of stability. I don’t want to write just to write.

I want to write with purpose. With poise. With powerful prose. With passion. I want to write so that my words change people – their hearts, minds, and souls. If all I have is words I want to throw them together in meaningful sentences that have an impact when discovered. If someone stumbles upon my writing I don’t want them to look away un-touched, un-altered by the words I spread on the page.

And ultimately I want my writing to reach upward. I desire words and sentences and paragraphs that point the human soul toward the One who created it. The one who created words and writing and all of the goodness that comes with reading sentences on a page. I want to create connection, between my words and my God, between myself and my readers, and between my readers and their faith. After looking down at a page I want to encourage the reader to look up toward Him. Because ultimately it is not the words that matter so much as what one does with them after soaking them up. And people can read words all day and be filled with knowledge and power and goodness, but without the nutrients that God provides, those words will never grow to be more than just that: words.

So today, and every day, let’s use our words to grow others. To help them grow within themselves so that they may grow outward into the world and, most importantly, upward into the arms of the One who loves them.

If my words are not accomplishing those goals, then they are not accomplishing much at all. If my words don’t stick, transform, and mold then they are left to dust with the rest of the fleeting words circling pages. But if my words do touch others as I want them to, I am accomplishing a greater purpose and a higher calling that is beyond myself.

God, use and shape my words in such a way that others would be changed by what they read. That’s how I want to write.

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