I Was Not The Problem

I found it so hard
To forgive myself
For screwing up
For being horrible
For disappointing you
But it finally makes sense
I could never forgive myself
Because I could never fully grasp
What it was that I did
And that’s where the truth comes in
I didn’t screw up
I wasn’t horrible
But somehow I disappointed you
But that didn’t come from my end
You set your mind to being disappointed
You set your mind on a single version of me
A manipulative
Version of me
No matter what I did
You would not change your mind
You created a version of me
That you refused to let go
For some awful reason
You created misery
You refused to find anymore beauty in me
You destroyed the image of me
You destroyed us
You destroyed me
But I cannot be destroyed
By petty boys who think they’re impenetrable
Who think they are gods
You are not a god
And I was not your goddess
I was a woman
A strong
Before you came
And still after you’re gone
You destroyed me but I have overcome destruction
I understand
It was you
I was not the problem


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