I’m convinced
That you can never fully regret
Loving someone
Regret doesn’t exist in wholes
It exists
Only in pieces
That don’t quite make up the whole
I think that’s the worst part
About regret
It leaves cracks
Memories untouched
No matter how much you want to fully regret it
You can never manage to keep your balance
When you slip
Into one of those cracks
That you forgot existed
Love always seeps through
And it sucks you in
And every time you slip
You create an earthquake within
Your heart
And the cracks become wider
And wider
And that’s regret
It will never exist in wholes
It’s not going to let you off that easy
The cracks stay
And the memories linger
And you have to master the art
Of balance
So that you learn to catch yourself
The next time you stumble upon
A crack


2 thoughts on “Slipping

  1. Wow you are so talented! Love how you entwine words to capture such easily understandable thoughts. Often I find poetry to be eloquent (but complicated to understand). Yours was lovely to read 🙂


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